Category: Technical CV

Quality Control Inspector CV

The main job function of a quality control inspector is to conduct quality controls at various stages of the production or release processes of a product or service. The quality control inspector undertakes strict quality checks so that the outcome of the process is a quality enabled efficient product that meets the highest quality standards […]

Precision Inspector CV

A precision inspector CV is a detailed presentation of all the skills required by a candidate who wish to work at this job profile. A precision inspector works with various tools like microscopic lens, precision instruments, etc for ensuring the degree of precision is met. The main purpose of hiring a precision inspector is to […]

Millwright CV

A millwright is a professional in the field of architecture who is accountable and responsible for fittings and installing equipment in the construction areas like industrial plants, production locations, offices in accordance with the planning done. Candidates who would like to pursue the career option as a millwright would have to have an engineering background […]

Building Inspector CV

A building inspector, as the name suggests, inspects the quality of the building constructed, of the necessary equipment installed like emergency systems, fire alarms, etc. They help in taking necessary precautions beforehand so that the building and its inmates are safeguarded against human or natural disasters. Most of the employers hiring building inspector would expect […]

Aircraft Pilot CV

An aircraft pilot has an enormous responsibility to conduct a safe and secure journey of the flight and its passengers from the origin to the destination of the journey. Candidates who want to become aircraft pilots should be very well trained and should be capable enough of handling the journey even during contingency situations. Most […]

Technical Analyst CV

A technical analyst CV is a document portraying the credentials of a technical analyst whose work is to analyse and examine the various technical decisions taken by a department of a company pertaining to machines and instruments. Therefore it must clearly mention the areas mastered by the applicant for maximum efficiency.   Sample Technical Analyst […]

Technical Consultant CV

A technical consultant CV is a resume of a person trained at perceiving technical faults and solving them with his master mind. He is not a hands-on repairman but he has the wit and intelligence to deal with technical and mechanical problems. Thus his CV should lay out his intellect related credentials well. Sample Technical […]

Electronic Equipment Repairer CV

An electronic equipment repairer is a person who can easily acclimatize with new electronic gadgets and is very adept at fixing them in case of malfunctioning. The CV should be prepared in such a way that electronic companies are easily impressed by the candidate’s proficiency at handling any kind of technical work. Sample Electronic Equipment […]

Technical Instructor CV

A technical instructor works in a corporate or industrial environment teaching people how to operate, create, implement and execute programs for the products the company deals with. Such a job requires expertise in many fields and a technical instructor CV must provide an account of all such skills. Even it should enunciate the technical know-how […]

Band Instrument Technician CV

A band instrument technician should be adept at tuning and restoring damaged band instruments which mostly include brass, percussion and wind instruments. Such band instrument technicians should have the requisite training and exposure to different kinds of instruments, all differing in the complexity. A band technician CV thus must be detailed and give a proper […]