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Remote Support Technician CV

A remote support technician is a professional whose job is to provide IT or desktop support to a company or a workplace and that too remotely. This means that these professionals troubleshoot problems and find solutions to technical problems even when they are not present at the site of the issue or are not physically […]

Instrument Maintenance Technician CV

An instrument maintenance technician is an individual who has the knowledge and skills to maintain and repair certain instruments or machinery items that are used in factories, research labs, industries, companies and warehouses. Instrument maintenance technicians must maintain the instruments in such a way that they comply with the industry standards etc. Any aspiring instrument […]

Electrical Maintenance Technician CV

An electrical maintenance technician is an individual whose job is to keep all the electrical equipment’s and products running smoothly so that the company or industry can function well on day to day basis. Any person working at this position must have exceptional knowledge of installation, repair, troubleshooting or electrical products. An individual who wishes […]

Electrical Engineering Technician CV

Electrical engineering technicians are those individuals who have pursued electrical engineering and are employed with companies whose work is related to electrical or electronic appliances or equipment’s. These technicians have expert knowledge of electrical connections and equipment’s and may either be engaged with designing, quality control and other related tasks. An electrical engineering technician CV […]

Power Plant Technician CV

A power plant technician is an individual whose job is to monitor, test, repair, install and maintain various power plant related equipment’s and check the pollution and output levels in order to keep the operations of a power plant facility smooth and problem free. A power plant technician CV is the CV or resume of […]

Fire Alarm Technician CV

A fire alarm technician is an individual who has been trained and educated to design, install, repair and maintain those equipment’s which warn people about a fire. These technicians handle various kinds of operations such as programming, handling wires and other duties and responsibilities. In order to apply for the position of a fire alarm […]

Pump Technician CV

A pump technician, as the name suggests is a technician whose job is to operate, repair, install, maintain and manage pumps which are used for transferring gases, oil and many other materials from one source to another. A pump technician is often also known as a pump operator and works for many oil and gas […]

Fiber Optic Technician CV

A fiber optic technician is a technician or an individual who installs, maintains and repairs fiber-optic cables that are used for a variety of purposes such as carrying internet connection, carrying video and audio transmissions etc. These individuals are generally employed in telecommunications companies and perform a set of duties and responsibilities. A fiber optic […]

Technician CV

Qa Test Technician CVA technician CV entails and individual’s skills and proficiency in a particular field of technology. It should be designed by outlining the practical understanding of a candidate about the theoretical principles of various techniques related to his or her field of expertise. Therefore, the resume must elaborate the know-how of various techniques […]

Research Technician CV

A Research Technician is an individual who assist the engineers and the scientists in their experiments by helping them to monitor and record their findings. A person working at this job position may be specialised in various areas like agriculture, environment, chemical and others. A Research Technician can find jobs in laboratories, institutes, research facilities […]