Category: Technician CV

Support Technician CV

A Support Technician CV is drafted in such a manner so that it catches the attention of the employer and depicts the skill sets needed for the job position. A Support Technician is an individual which assists or provide support to the technicians in the organisations. The candidates employed at this job position may work […]

Maintenance Technician CV

A Maintenance Technician is an important job position in all types of organisation and the individual appointed at this position is responsible to take care for the maintenance of various equipments as well as machines. The skills sets required for this job position differ depending upon the work profile. A Maintenance Technician CV thus must […]

Optical Technician CV

An Optical Technician is a person who works with optometrists and ophthalmologists and helps them to create various different types of lenses eyeglasses, optical instruments and contact lenses. An Optical Technician cuts, grinds and give finish to these lenses so that they meet up with the requirement of the clients. An Optical Technician CV is […]

Cytotechnologist CV

A Cytotechnologist is an individual who examines the presence of any infection or disease by studying the cells makeup with the help of a microscope. A Cytotechnologist is an important job position in research labs, hospitals and universities.  The Cytotechnologist CV must be framed in such a manner so that it emphasizes on the knowledge […]

System Technician CV

A System Technician is a person who is a specialized professional in some type of process or a system. An individual can be employed as a System Technician in wide array of fields like architecture, computers, aerospace, network and others. The System Technician CV must emphasize on the technical knowledge and the experience of the […]

Warehouse Technician CV

A Warehouse Technician is a person who looks after various functions in a warehouse.  He is responsible for checking the incoming and the outgoing freight, keeping proper record of the same and even delivers the products to the clients. A Warehouse Technician CV must be prepared in such a manner so that it attracts the […]

Electronic Repair Technician CV

An Electronic Repair Technician is a person who has thorough knowledge of all the household as well as commercial electronic equipments and he is responsible of installing, maintaining and repairing of these equipments.  An Electronic Repair Technician must focus on the technical knowhow and the experience of the candidate. Sample Electronic Repair Technician George Clarence […]

Cable Technician CV

A Cable Technician CV is a detailed description of the knowledge, experience and skill sets of an individual working as Cable Technician. The person working as Cable Technician is responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing the cable systems for televisions as well as internet connection. The prime responsibility of the person working at this job […]

QA Test Technician CV

A Quality Assurance Test Technician (QA Test Technician) is a person in an organisation who is responsible to look after the quality of the products manufactured.  He is responsible to test and inspect the products in various different phases of the production. The QA Test Technician CV thus must emphasize on the technical knowhow and […]

Broadcast Technician CV

A broadcast technician CV is applicable for candidates who want to get into the profession of a broadcast technician. Candidates should have the relevant education and experience in film making and TV stations. The sample given below gives you more details about how to make an attractive resume to enable to employers to shortlist the […]