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Telecom Area Manager CV

Telecom Area Manager has bright career opportunities. The job profile requires active handling of customers in particular territory. The telecom industry is in continuous need of manpower and intelligence. The industry requires the best talents and you can also be the one. The Telecom Area Manager CV sample is presented below for your future reference. […]

Telecom Customer Service CV

Telecom Industry is the most expanding industry. It offers opportunities to the professionals in sales, customer service, networking and engineering. The professionals having good communication and analytical skills can aim for working in customer service field. The sample Telecom Customer Service CV is given below for your reference. Sample Telecom Customer Service CV Format Lloyd […]

Telecom Sales Manager CV

In today’s age of information technology, telecommunication is gaining a considerable attention. The field is expanding a lot and hence offers ample working opportunity and growth prospects. It has a bright career ahead for sales professionals too in the telecom industry. The sample Telecom Sales Manager CV will be helpful to you if you want […]

IP & Data Network Engineer CV

IP & Data Network Engineer is very much in demand these days. The professionals who are planning to build their career in this field need to have a CISCO certification and proper experience. Anybody with an experience in networking can think of this career. The sample CV of IP & Data Network Engineer would help […]

RIP/Routing Policy Engineer CV

RIP/Routing Policy Engineer requires specialization in CISCO Certification. The field provides ample opportunities due to the requirement of special skill sets. The field gives good remuneration and has bright career opportunities in store for the budding engineers. RIP/Routing Policy Engineer resume sample is given here to help you to apply for job. Sample RIP/Routing Policy […]

Telecom System Testing CV

Telecom industry is an evergreen industry. It has ample opportunities and sufficient remuneration to attract the top talents towards it. Telecom System Testing is one such job opening where there are lots of chances to have bright career. Telecom System Testing CV is provided here and this will help you to apply for the job […]

Territory Manager CV

Territory Manager has a complete responsibility of sales and service in his area. It is important for the person seeking job in this field to be active and confident. The job responsibility needs good analytical and decision making skills. The industry offers good remuneration and development opportunity. Territory Manager sample CV format is useful to […]

Service Delivery Manger CV

The IT industry is one of the most sought about industry in today’s time. The Service Delivery Manager has a key responsibility of project management and service delivery management. This field has tremendous potential and can offer good career opportunities ahead. This sample resume format of Service Delivery Manager will be helpful while seeking an […]

Cisco Network Engineer CV

Cisco Network Engineers are the network engineers specialized in networks built with Cisco products. These professionals are involved in building and designing networks. The field is of specialization and needs Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification. It has a bright future. This sample CV of Cisco Network Engineer will help you plan your bright career […]

Telecommunication CV

Telecom is a one of the progressive sector in every economy so it always has higher demand for the experienced and beginners for the job in the industry.  Telecom industry is very vast so there are many different jobs available. This includes form the engineers to the laborer. Telecommunication CV can help you when you […]