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Training CV

A training CV is written by individuals who are looking for a training job. Organizations want to train their employees so they are able to perform their duties effectively but they are also sensitive to costs that they may incur. When applying for a training job, the resume that is to be presented must reflect […]

Management Training CV

A Management trainer is a person who manages the training in an institution, as well as the intellectual content and assessment process. Being in charge, one has to comprehend the scrupulous practices and tests that an institution leader faces and also stay as a paradigm of all management trainees who pass through the institution. This […]

Corporate Training CV

Corporate training usually takes place when businesses and organizations are expanding or realizing growth in their business. In other cases, due to increasing competition in business, companies choose to train their employees so as to maintain and/or attract customers. Corporate training CVs are useful for job positions in the corporate world such as human resource […]

Training and Development CV

Training and development involves learning and acquiring new and improved skills for professional and personal development for the success of an individual or an organization. Training is usually done for the employees to have a clear understanding of the work that they are doing in the organization while development has to do with the employees’ […]

Field Training CV

Field training is usually implemented by an experienced field training officer who usually belongs to the organization or the company and has received training as a field officer in the same institution. He/she usually trains the junior officials or new employees. Field training requires solid knowledge and experience of the company’s objectives as well as […]

Teacher Training CV

Teacher training involves developing and delivering courses that are of the highest standards for several programs to be used in various institutions such as schools, colleges and universities. Teacher training is necessary because of the rapid changes in the society and the need to develop and sustain a curriculum that will foster students and their […]

Sales Training CV

Sales training is ideal for sales representatives and managers. It involves training of the sales team so as to acquire better skills in motivating the consumer to consider their goods and services, be better at asking and answering questions and achieve more sales and at higher profits. A sales training CV is usually ideal for […]

Training Specialist CV

A training specialist is a trainer who is an expert at handling training sessions and has polished communication skills. As an individual he should be cohesive, easy to deal with and is also knowledgeable about his career. You have to possess great oratory skills and also have lots of experience when handling students. This will […]

Training Coordinator CV

A training coordinator is charged with making sure that the set curriculum and training methods that have been decided upon by management are adhered to by the teachers and reports back if they are effective or otherwise. He gets to discover first hand the response and result that training methods are impacting on student progress. […]

Training Manager CV

A training manager apart from doing actual training is supposed to be the person in charge of all training activities in a training institution as well as the head trainer. This because the person is needed to make important decisions in terms of course schedules, admissions, examinations and curriculum setting. The person needs to be […]