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Transportation CV

A transportation C.V. requires a person with wide knowledge about the transport industry. This is to ensure for the safety of the passengers using the transport service of any particular company. Below is a sample of transportation CV: Sample Transportation CV Tomas Gregory Peter 23 Belleview Mississippi, Texas Tel: 234-578-098 Career Objective Experienced transport […]

Airport Limousine Chauffer CV

Airport Limousine Chauffeurs provide upscale transport services to arriving first class and business class airline passengers who want to arrive to their destinations in style and utmost privacy.  The service may require a prearranged booking during peak tourist seasons but is otherwise available just by showing yourself in the car rental booth in the airport’s […]

Lead Chauffeur CV

The Lead Chauffer occupies a supervisory position to oversee the deployment of limousine chauffeurs for a car rental firm or a fleet of limousines of a hotel or airport. They seldom take behind the wheel themselves as they are moiré responsible for administrative and supervisory functions in an office.  They perform dispatching functions and implement […]

Airport-Hotel Shuttle Service Supervisor/Dispatcher CV

The Airport-Hotel Shuttle Supervisor handles a team of shuttle bus drivers who must follow a set of schedule to ferry airline passengers from the airport to the city proper or hotels.  They work in shifts to cover the 24×7 airport operation which support airlines landing at anytime within the 24-hour period. They supervise from 20-50 […]

London Underground&Tube Driver CV

London Tube Underground Drivers are responsible in steering the train coaches of from various rail companies who use the vast London Underground rail network. You have train operators like the Victorian Line, the Piccadilly Line, the Hammersmith & City line and the Northern Line to mention a few.  Being is Tube drivers means steering the […]

Train Ticket Master CV

Train Ticket Masters are train personnel tasked with checking tickets of passengers while enroute to their destination and sell the if they failed to purchase their tickets at the rail station.  Along the route, they also make announced stops and forthcoming stations while reminding passengers about safety rules while in the train. Train Ticket Master […]

Train Conductor&Yardmaster CV

When you hear “All aboard…last call for New York” in a train station,  you can be sure it’s from the Train Yardmaster or train conductor doing his duty as the train pulls out of the terminal. The Yardmaster is responsible for coordinating the train crew schedules to ensure they arrive for the scheduled train service.  […]

Freelance Travel Writer CV

A freelance travel writer is a person who performs freelancing writing with specialisation in the travel filed which may include national as well as international travels. The CV of freelance travel writer must showcase the skills and education of the concerned person along with the details of his previous work. Sample Freelance Travel Writer CV […]

Warehouse Supervisor CV

When a warehouse is fully operational, there are lots of consignments coming in and going out. All these have a source, destination and a timeline. Computerization and coding of these consignments has made it easier for warehouse managers to keep track of the goods with ease although much work goes into arranging and securing the […]

Data Warehousing CV

Every individual keeps data that they feel is private. So do companies. When a company solicits the help of another company to store their private information, they want it to remain private. Data warehousing firms give that service. A data warehouse manager is allocated this duty. He accepts the information from different entities and stores […]