Category: Transportation CV

Inventory Management CV

Managing an inventory does not require much help nowadays; the advent of computers has managed to make it easier to monitor the flow of goods from a store to the sales area. But human error always has a way of botching things up. The inventory manager’s work is to ensure that what gets into the […]

Supply Chain Management CV

A supply chain gets its items direct from manufacturers and displays them for clients to select and pay. It offers a challenging yet profitable business. It also requires demanding labor that involves having all delivered goods on display and in a specific format so as to catch the eye of clients. This work is supervised […]

Logistics Analyst CV

A logistics analyst is a person who manages to decipher how best to transport any cargo, especially if it requires special attention. For instance, transporting huge boiler tanks that have a height of 17 feet before they are loaded need special trucks. They also require to be passed through roads that can take such weight […]

Warehouse Manager CV

A warehouse manager’s duty is to run the affairs of warehouses under his authority. Whenever goods are coming in or going out, he needs to know which consignment goes where, how long it should stay and how it should be stored and handled. A good knowledge and a great deal of experience in logistics is […]

Logistics Coordinator CV

A logistics coordinator is the person who keeps the logistics department’s lifeline. He knows which jobs are urgent and makes sure that all drivers are aware. He handles crises and always has a plan for any unforeseen eventuality. He is the hands-on guy who reports the problems encountered and their solutions to the manager. He […]

Logistics Manager CV

A logistics manager is the person who gets to be in charge of a number of transport vehicles. His work is usually eventful, making sure that all the details concerning the vehicles, drivers and handlers are updated in the system. He needs to know all there is to know about the condition of the vehicles […]

Train Driver CV

A train driver is an individual who handles very many people on a daily basis. Subway trains in New York City carry the bulk of the population to and from work every day and night. The trains are supposed to be on time and are able to run for many hours without stalling or breaking […]

Truck Driver CV

The work of a truck driver is a tough one. You have to get used to driving for long distances and making as few stops as possible. Luckily, most trucks are fitted with the best in comfort add-ons like those on luxury cars.  It is imperative that a truck driver understands the value of his […]

Bus Driver CV

Driving a bus is a job that requires a great deal of patience and time consciousness. Buses should never be late but issues on the road like traffic jams and such usually make for lateness. Patience comes in handy when you have to wait for anyone who intends to board the bus to do so. […]

Logistics CV

When it comes to transporting of goods, time is always of the essence. Whenever a consignment of goods destined for a location is expected in due time, it should arrive on or before time. To do this, it requires a person who understands the road network and manages to figure out the quickest, safest and […]