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Speech Writer CV

A speech writer is hired by politicians or executives, and senior-level officers to prepare speeches, lectures, or presentations for them.  Speech writers are supposed to have a wide range of knowledge and understanding on political roles, economics issues, and can even be a bit philosophical and thus their CV must be such that it highlights […]

Science Writer CV

A science writer has the task of bringing complex scientific information within comprehensive reach of the layman.  The CV of a science writer should contain his ability to communicate effectively to the common man, his scientific knowledge and understanding, and journalistic expertise.  These resume templates can also be used by environmental writers, medical writers and […]

Sports writer CV

A sports writer is an expert in English and writes sport articles with perfect grammar. Many online websites, news papers, magazines, sports publication and new agencies employ sport writers to create ingenious content by using available resources. A sports writer resume can also be used while applying for the jobs of content writer, sports section […]

Travel Writer

A travel writer is the talented professional with potential to write interesting travel articles with magical words. The writer is responsible for covering the glamour of lands and beauty of surrounding by investing ethical resources and information. Mostly travel writers mention their travelling experience on a paper in form of books, online blogs, and stories […]

Medical writer

A medical writer is a professional who effectively utilize genuine scientific knowledge to write creative medical content for magazines, publication houses, advertising agencies, news papers and online medical websites.  This resume is workable for claiming medical content writer, medical blog writer and medical column writer. Sample Technical Writer CV Aara Asker 16674 ATHENS GLYFADA 5th Street […]

Freelance writer

A freelance writer is hired to produce articles, stories, web sites contents and news as per reqiremnets. For this designation, excellent command over English and fluency in writing is the primary requirement. This resume can also be used for other designations like freelance ghost writer, freelance content writer, story writer and web content writer. Sample Technical […]

Technical Writer CV

A technical writer is a proficient professional who is responsible for producing inventive technical content, reports, reviews, documentations and presentations in high technical English. With an effective technical drafted resume is help to ensure the job selection in advertising company, PR firm, publication houses and other organization. This resume is effective to apply for the […]

Writer CV

Content Writer CV

Content Writer CV

Content writers should have good command over language and have excellent writing skills. Given an idea they should be able to create content for the idea. They should be able to write content on several topics and subjects. They should be highly motivated and creative. They should be able to research thoroughly and utilize various […]