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Accounting CVsare crucial for those planning to sink their teeth into the world of finance and any otherjobthat deals directly with money. Accountingjobsare very sensitive and when employersandrecruitersare hiring accountants, thorough scrutiny of accounting CVs is necessary as money matters are of high sensitivity. Youraccounting CVhas to have relevant information and it has to be very attractive if you want to get noticed.

Accounting has other sub categories such as general accounting, certified public accounting and accounting manager just to mention a few. If you are specialized in a certain area of accounting this should be highlighted in your CV as this will give you an added advantage over your competition. The format you use for your CV should be one that makes your CV stand out because theemployerorrecruiterwill be looking at many other CVs all with similar or more interesting information.

As you write this accounting CV, there are some keywords that are associated with accounting that you should try to incorporate. These words give your soon-to-beemployerthe idea that you have an in depth understanding of the work you are applying for.  Some words you may want to use in this type of CV are formulate, evaluate, cash flow, implement, generate, establish, assets, benefits, maintain, operate, schedule etc. Make sure they are used in the right context.

Sample Accounting CV and Format

Bernice George

123 Malice Drive

Chicago, Illinois

Mobile No. 1 817 38924

Career Objective

Innovative accountant seeking position as accountant which will allow the application of knowledge and skills in database preparation, use and maintenance as well as other basic accounting skills in an organization that is growing.

Educational Qualification:

Educational Qualification               Name of Institution                       Year(start year-end year)

High school Diploma                        Washington state High school     1987-1997

University Degree:                            Washington state university       1999-2003

Bachelor of Arts  in Accounting

Professional Qualification:

Certified Public Accountant   2003

ACCA     2005

SPSS     2005

Work Experience:

2003 – 2005 Washington Bank



Balancing of client accounts

Record keeping

Preparation and assessment of annual financial reports for client firms

2005 – 2008  Mandy’s Certified Accountants

Senior Accounting Officer


Evaluation of cash flow in accounts of various firms

Assessment and evaluation of expenditure or client firms

Training of newly recruited accountants


·Voted accountant of the year in the first year of employment at Washington Bank

·Held the highest number of accounts from private firms at Mandy’s Certified Accountants

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