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Bookkeeping jobs are often available on the jobsites and to secure one, you need a CV showing your skills. A recruiter will look for the number of years you have worked and the skill acquired. Bookkeeping jobs are open to high school graduate and entry level applicants. This means many people will be applying and therefore let your CV stress your strengths and why an employer should hire you.

Sample Bookkeeper cv Format

Daisy Ferrer Claine

76 Knightsbridge,

SW7 London

Mobile Number: 44 9822 0921

Telephone Number: 44 0932 4761

Career Objective: 

Bookkeeper with 3 years experience in the field, seeking employment with a growing institution that calls for hard work. Looking to use my bookkeeping management skills to achieve company goals and visions.

Educational Background:

2001 – 2005: Bachelor of Arts in Library Science, Bedford University

Professional Experience:

2006 – Present: Bookkeeping Librarian, London County Library


  • Operating computers programmed with book storing software
  • Lending library books to borrowers
  • Storing books according to classification
  • Access online financial records on books ordered and organize delivery process
  • Going through old and lost books and having them re- ordered or replaced
  • Performing general duties like faxing, photocopying and typing in relation to bookkeeping.
  • Post news and notices on library’s notice board regarding library services
  • Receiving new books and cataloging them, placing bar codes, and storing them.


  • Received an award in 2006 for best bookkeeper of the year
  • Led library to receive the best public service department in Cheshire
  • Promoted to be team leader of all bookkeeping departments in the Town
  • Conducted Bookkeeping seminars held every January and August
  • Improved library services by installing online services whereby people can borrow and read books while at home or school.

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