Business Project Manager CV

A business project manager is an individual who works in various kinds of industries and his specific job responsibilities vary from one industry to another. The main responsibility of a business project manager is to develop various project plans and managing day to day activities of a project.

They may have to work in coordination with the clients, vendors and the internal staff of the organization in order to manage the expectations of a project.  The resume of an individual applying for the position of a business project manager should outline his job responsibilities in previous organization so that the recruiter is convinced about the ability of the individual.

Sample Business Project Manager CV

Brian Adams


An individual with five years of work experience as a business project manager in various industries. I have the expertise of managing different kinds of projects and working with reputed clients.


To seek a position of a business project manager in an organization of repute where I can apply my years of work experience and knowledge in project management for the benefit of the organization and success of the project.

Key skills:

  • Proficient in various software applications like MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Ability to manage a large team
  • Excellent coordination skills
  • Excellent communication skills

Contact details:

Address: 34 Lenin Moody Road, New York, New Jersey 8906

Cell Phone Number: 89967

Landline Number: 56789

Work experience:

Worked in the position of a business project manager with Oscar Solutions Limited from 8th May 2009 till 18th November 2012 where my responsibilities included the following:

  •  Coordinating and managing the projects of the clients.
  • Assisting in improving the efficiency of the project.
  • Ensuring that the project schedule and budget are maintained.
  • Administering the project plan.
  • Training the team members about the project execution plan.

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