Cost Accounting Manager CV

A Cost Accounting Manager CV is prepared by those individuals who wish to apply for the position of a Cost Accounting Manager in any organisation. The candidate working at this position is responsible to look after all the matters related to cost accounting and manage the team working under him.

Sample Cost Accounting Manager CV

Mary Charles

665, North Charles Street

Greenville, SC, 8765

Mb. 9876-6654-66544


Professional Summary:

  • More than 6 years of experience in the field of accounting
  • Complete knowledge of cost accounting and other related matters
  • Strong management skills.
  • Complete knowledge of the budgeting process
  • Strong Computer Skills
  • Impressive problem solving and analytical skills.

Educational Qualifications:

  • Bachelors of Accounting in 1994 from Charleston Northern University, North California.
  • Masters in Cost Accounting in 1997 from Charleston Northern University, North California.
  • Certificate in Cost Accounting from ABC Institute of Accounting, 2001
  • Diploma in Advance Cost Accounting from XYZ Institute, 2002

Professional Experience:

EDS IT Company, Greenville SC [2007- Present]

Designation: Cost Accounting Manager


  • Developing and maintaining cost accounting documents
  • Supervising the cost accounting staff
  • Analysing and looking after the accounts meant for inventory
  • Preparing the management reports for overhead, inventory and others

ABC Associates, Greenville [2003-2007]

Designation: Cost Analyst


  • Performing cost estimation for different programs of the organisation
  • Collecting, analysing and verifying the cost accounting documents and data.
  • Assisting in creating budget estimates
  • Preparing economic analysis


Will be available on request.



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