Internal Auditor CV

Internal auditor jobs are often found at banks and to nail this position you need an attractive CV. Your CV should state skills in accounting, financial records and business transactions. Demonstrate these skills under the work experience sections of your CV. Be sure that these skills and attributes are transferable to the business position you are applying for.

Sample Internal Auditor CV Template

Daniel Gate Kutcher

81 Calston Avenue

BS1 Bristol 1624

Mobile Number: 44 922 0023

Telephone Number: 44 982 2330


Career Objective:

Internal auditor with 2 years experience seeking employment with a globally competitive company. Seeking to use my skills for the growth and development of the company.

Educational Background:

2001 – 2005: Bachelors of Science in Auditing, Bristol International University

Professional Experience:

2006 – Present: General Motors Inc


  • In charge field work operation in the company
  • Conduct seminars on financial management and auditing
  • Provide employees with assurance that company revenues are in order
  • Balancing of company incoming and outgoing finances
  • Ensure there is harmony between employees in the department
  • Performing external audits in revenue and cost departments
  • Identify weaknesses in the department and providing solutions
  • Present a report of yearly expenditures to the accountant

2005 – 2006: Auditor, European Partners Inc.


  • Planning and organizing internal audit functions like audit planning, assigning of tasks
  • Suggesting policies, activities and programs applicable to the auditing department
  • Overseeing procedures and practices newly introduced in the company
  • Conducting reviews suggested by the board of trustees regarding the auditing department
  • Review reports handed out by the board members
  • Providing opinion regarding ways to hasten procedures in the auditing department
  • Decide on which applicants can be shortlisted for the auditing department jobs


  • Received an award for best internal auditor in the company

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