Junior Accountant CV


A junior accountant CV should portray your abilities and skill set efficiently. A recruiter is set out to find someone talented, willing to work unsupervised, with the skills required. This sample CV will give you a quick start as you design your own CV. Remember to mention the exact qualities and skills stated in the job advertisement.

Sample Junior Accountant cv Format

Jack Marion Spillberg

11 Harriet House

Birmingham 93

Mobile Number: 44 0662 18

Telephone Number: 44 9287 353

Email: jspillberg@yahoo.com

Career Objective:

Junior Accountant with 3 years experience in the accounting field. Seeking employment with a rapidly growing company that calls for skills in the accounts payable department, cash and expense recording.

Educational Background:

2001 – 2005: Bachelor of Science in Accounting, University of Birmingham

Work Experience:

2005 – Present: Junior Accountant, Birmingham County Bank


  • In-charge of accounts payable department
  • Overseeing balancing of accounts by new employees
  • Preparing monthly journal reports on company expenses
  • Examining and supervising cash reconciliation department
  • In-charge of cash disbursement and filing of cash payable data
  • Authorizing the release of cash to clients
  • Preparing monthly billing reports for presentation during board meetings
  • Training of new accounting employees on various duties
  • Maintaining accounts, databases and daily billings in order and up to date
  • Ensuring incoming revenues are handled in a timely manner
  • Working closely with other junior accountants to ensure that duties run smoothly


  • Led company to receive bank of the year award
  • Brought in a high income of $ 1 million in the year 2006
  • Was awarded as outstanding junior accountant of the year 2007
  • Graduated with a high GPA of 3.5 with the overall being 4.0
  • Initiated the use of an online database that simplified maintaining accounts.

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