Management Accountant CV

Management accountants main responsibility is to manage the firm’s finances, evaluate the financial performance and devise ways to increase profitability and growth. A management accountant CV should show vast knowledge in the accounting function and experience in management. In addition, the ability to manage and control teams should be demonstrated. The educational background and professional experience sections should exhibit this adequately. Below is an example of a management accountant CV that employers would be interested to give a second keen look.

Sample Management Accountant CV

Andrew Nate Henderson

25 Welford

Nottingham NHJY22

Mobile Number: 44 256 25889

Telephone Number: 44 987 58941


Career Objective:

Innovative management accountant with relevant experience in management accounting for four years. Seeking employment with a respectable company; that provides opportunities for progression and development.

Educational Background:

2006: Masters in Business Management, Harvard Business School

2002-2005: Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Oxford University

Professional Experience:

2007 – Present: Management Accountant, Amotex Industries


  • Preparing financial statements and accounts
  • Coming up with the financial periods accounting standard and means of controlling expenditure
  • Finding out cause of variations between the set standards and actual performance of a financial period
  • Developing ways of increasing profitability and minimizing operation costs
  • Managing the finance clerks and accounting personnel
  • Managing payroll, stock control and credit control
  • Analyzing sales figures and creating forecasts.

2006 – 2007: Senior Accountant, Hass Consultants


  • Assessing the cash flow regularly and managing
  • Training new accountants recruited into the department
  • Preparation and assessment of the annual financial reports
  • Evaluating and controlling the expenditure of the firm
  • Monitoring the company’s profit and loss


  • Voted the accountant of the year in 2007
  • Lead the transition of fully computerizing the accounting department in Hass Consultants
  • Invited to give speech at the University of Columbia on “Accounting Standards and Measures”

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