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Senior accountant jobs are not for entry level accountants. This position requires years of experience in the field therefore state that in your resume. Research about the company you are applying to and find out the duties of a senior accountant. Mention these in your CV as the qualities you possess. Feel free to use this sample CV as a guide when writing your own cv.

Sample Senior Accountant CV Template

Jayden Tahlia Madden

9232 May Fair

W1, London

Mobile Number: 44 8824 288

Telephone Number: 44 121 2331


Career Objective:

Senior Accountant with 4 years experience in search of employment with a prominent company. Looking for an opportunity to use my account reconciliation, cash management and audit management skills for betterment of the company.

Educational Background:

2000 – 2004: Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Oxford University UK

Professional Experience:

2005 – Present:Senior Accountant at Bedford European Bank


  • Organizing the accounting department and staff
  • Design and implement the use of an online database accessible to investors globally
  • Compiling daily tax collections into a report which is then presented to the tax board
  • Providing financial consulting services to municipalities all over the United Kingdom
  • Handling and overseeing all accounts payable
  • Working on back reconciliation and supplier reconciliation accounts
  • Maintenance of daily bank transaction reports and overseeing a balance in outgoing and incoming funds
  • Managing of accounts receivable and the credit control department
  • Handling of account logistics for clients
  • Generation of monthly sales and collection reports


  • Introduced an online database program where investors and clients can access bank services
  • Improved bank income by 40% in the year 2006
  • Received an award for best employee of the year 2006
  • Boosted company revenues up by 20% in the year 2007

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