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A Senior Staff Accountant is a senior position in any organisation that looks after the account related documents.  A candidate working at this job position must be well educated in the accounts discipline and must have needed skills and experience. Thus a Senior Staff Accountant CV must be prepared in such a manner so that it catches the attention of the employer.

Sample Senior Staff Accountant CV

Mary Jacob

12654 Park Road

Alabama, USA

Mobile: 09-765-654-766



I wish to work in the position of a Senior Staff Accountant in an organisation that can make use of my skills, knowledge and experience so as to maximize the potential of the company.

Work Experience:

ABC Accounting Inc, Alabama, 2009 to Present:

Senior Staff Accountant

My job responsibilities in ABC Accounting Inc include the following:

  • Managing the complete accounting department of the organisation
  • Preparing and analysing the monthly financial statements and related documents.
  • Preparing the payroll, tax statements and budgets
  • Managing the inter company accounting records
  • Conducting the auditing process

Alabama Construction Corporation 2007-2009

Junior Accountant

  • My duties and responsibilities at Alabama Construction Corporation included the following:
  • Preparing the general ledger and account statements
  • Managing the inventory levels
  • Assisting in the financial decision making
  • Maintaining the account books of the clients

Educational Qualifications:

  • Graduate Degree in Accounting from University of Alabama in the year2001
  • Post Graduate Degree in Accounting from University of Albama,2004
  • Certificate in Staff accounting from ABC Technical Institute, 2005
  • Diploma in Senior Staff Accounting from XYZ Institute, 2006


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