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As an office admin, you do a lot to keep the office running. You form the heart of the organization, and you need to highlight this in your CV to get a good job placement. Most office admins feel shy to highlight their role in employment, or are just not aware of the important role they play in the organization. When applying for a vacancy, remember to show your accomplishments and area of expertise. You can do this by bulleting your main responsibilities and achievements.  

Admin CV Sample

Jenny Roberts

Hodgson Street 2839

Ocean Grove 849

Telephone Number: 849 646 9475

Mobile Number: 649 528 43322



Excellent organizational skills with 2 years experience in a demanding work environment working under pressure and strict deadlines, looking to start a challenging career in support staff in the tourism industry.  


2004: B.A (Hons) in Sociology, Bath Spa University 


2007: Administration Officer, Heinz   


  • Carrying out coordination within 6 departments in the Organization
  • Provided a calming effect in a busy, quick paced office environment
  • Handled employee-customer conflict to satisfaction of both parties and the organization
  • Provided orientation to new employees and management trainees in handling office equipment, explained office policies and various procedures in the organization
  • Coordinating filing between employees of various departments in a timely manner
  • Supervised the work of junior employees to ensure they met organizational deadlines and objectives
  • Helped the Human Resource department carry out evaluations of employees annually.
  • Facilitating effective inter-departmental communication


  • Introduced a new filing system that was more efficient and cost effective for the organization.
  • Came up with administration routines for six departments that ensured deadlines were met
  • Served as a mentor for 50 people in the organization

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