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The main job of an administrative analyst is to regularly keep track of the financial income and expenses, reporting the financial information to the top management, forecasting and budgeting for the upcoming year, making futuristic studies and its impact on the financial performance of the company, etc. Candidates must have an inclination towards research with finance or accounting background in education. A few years of relevant full time work experience might also help. Thus an administrative analyst CV must emphasize on the skill sets needed for this job post.

Sample Administrative Analyst CV

Personal Details:

Ian Bell

95 Ventura Capital

New Hampshire

Mobile Number: 44 558 98123

Telephone Number: 44 6945 79125



Career Objective:

I would like to pursue the career option of an administrative analyst wherein I can provide my inputs for the betterment of the financial research and study so that the top management can take important decisions and the risks are mitigated to the maximum extent possible.

Educational Background:

2004 – 2007: Bachelor in Business Administration, Brandman University

1999 – 2002: Associate Degree in Administrative Assistant, Bryant & Stratton College

Professional Qualifications:

2007: Certificate, Business with management emphasis

2008: Certificate, Accounting

Professional Experience:

2002 – 2004 – Assistant Administrative Analyst, Bank of New South Wales


Possess job exposure to the roles and responsibilities of an administrative analyst

Conducted extensive research and provided quality feedback by analysing the financial data of the company

Prepared important reports that can help the higher authorities and decision makers to decide the course of the company

Maintained data and extracted important information in due time that helped the company to contain the risks and maximise the opportunities.



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