Health Administrator CV

The health administrator is accountable to provide services in health care by working in hospitals, nursing homes, community health care centres, etc. An ideal choice for the role of a health administrator would be one with medical background with some work experience. The health administrator CV must showcase that the candidate is capable of providing good medical facility and has efficiency in operations, scheduling of doctors and treatment for patients.

Sample Health Administrator CV

Personal Details:

Robert Fredrick

69 Windsor

North California

Mobile Number: 44 558 98123

Telephone Number: 44 6945 79125



Career Objective:

I would like to become a health administrator in the middle to top level managerial positions. I would like to be accountable for the efficiency of operations in the health care department and would like to include every stakeholder for collective decision making.

Educational Background:

2004 – 2006: Master in Health Care Administration, Saint Joseph’s University

1999 – 2002: Bachelor of Science in Health Service Administration, DeVry University

Professional Qualifications:

2007: Health Care Informatics

Professional Work Experience:

2006 – 2008 – Health care administrator, DaVita Inc.


Worked as the lead of the health care initiatives in the health care department

Tried to target the lower section of the society that faces financial problems to tackle issues related to health care

Worked for the benefit of the people attending the health care centre and made the processes efficient

Upgraded the machinery at the centre so that we never can turn back our patients for lack of proper infrastructure


Performed well throughout my career at DaVita Inc. and was well appreciated for my efforts.

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