Medical Administrator CV

A medical administrator ensures that all the systems, operations, treatments and machinery are taken due care of and are functioning well. The ultimate aim of a medical administrator is to provide the best services to their patients with start-of-the-art infrastructure and health care facilities. The medical administrator has to have good communication and organizing skills so that all the activities in the hospital or health care centre can be carried out in a smooth and effective manner and all these qualities must be mentioned in the medical administrator CV.

Sample Medical Administrator CV

Personal Details:

Shane Paul

Nine Degree Street


Mobile Number: 44 558 98123

Telephone Number: 44 6945 79125



Career Objective:

To become a successful medical administrator and work in a peaceful ambience that provides numerous opportunities to learn and work with total dedication to run the health care centre in order to provide maximum benefits for our patients.

Educational Background:

2004 – 2006: Master in Health Care Administration, Walden University

1999 – 2002: Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management, The University of Liverpool

Professional Qualifications:

2007: Certificate – Electronic Medical Records

Work Experience:

2006 – Assistant Medical Administrator, Apollo Health care


  • Keeping a regular track of the patient health and informing doctors in any kind of emergencies
  • Staffing enough number of nurses, doctors, etc. at all times so that the work doesn’t get hindered
  • Maintaining a database of patients, their bills paid, operations undertaken, results among other details
  • Taking up regular non-profit events like conducting camps in villages so that the reach of the health care centre can be maximised
  • Providing superior facilities with latest technology and excellent facilities

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