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As a regional manager you will be in charge of a designated area in which the organization you are working for is present. Regional manager jobs include regional sales managers, regional communications managers and regional transport managers amongst others. Regional managers are responsible for all the people working in the region. This in many cases is a large number of people.

The regional manager’s job involves little (if any) supervision from their superiors. Most regional managers are allowed to work in autonomy. The regional manager should show certain skills and attributes in order to draw the attention of the recruiters. These skills and attributes include self motivation, team spirit, and ability to lead a team and encourage the development of team work, good written and oral communication skills, ability to plan and innovativeness.

Sample Regional Manager CV Format

Judy Giving

343 Good Street

Atlanta, Georgia

Mobile No: +1 232 4343 223

Telephone No: +1 232 3223 323

Career Objective

Experienced regional sales manager, seeking similar position at a well established retail franchise. The position should allow the application of skills gained in communication, team building and franchise management. The position should also allow working in autonomy.

Professional Experience

2005 – 2009:   Regional Sales Manager at Galaxy Super Stores


  • Created and set standards for customer care service for retail outlets
  • Organized and oversaw the investigation of success of customer care services through the obtaining of feedback from customers
  • Organized and facilitated the training of staff
  • Appointed regional management team
  • Appointed retail store managers
  • Organized for and facilitated team building activities

Educational Background

2000 – 2004:   BA Sales and Marketing – George Town University

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