School Administrator CV

The main role of a school administrator is to oversee the administrative day-to-day activities in a school like the teaching and non-teaching staff issues, course curriculum, distribution of textbooks and stationery, conduct of classes according to the timetable, infrastructure, play area, events and competitions, etc. During the course of work, school administrators also should coordinate with various other staff and personnel employed in the school for effective execution. Thus a school administrator CV must emphasize on the experience and the skills of the candidate.

Sample School Administrator CV

Personal Details:

Emma Watson

Berkshire Hathaway Lane


Mobile Number: 44 558 98123

Telephone Number: 44 6945 79125


Career Objective:

My career aim is to gain a mid-level managerial position in a respected school in the position of a school administrator. I would like to dedicate my time and effort towards development of the school by improving its administrative division.

Educational Background:

2001 – 2004: Doctoral Degree in Education, Kaplan University

1999 – 2001: MS in Leadership in Education Administration, University of Phoenix

Professional Qualifications:

2007: Certificate in Administration and Supervision

Professional Experience:

2004 – 2009: School Administrator, Thomas Jefferson International School


  • To allocate budgets on various activities like recruitment of staff, development of facilities, student welfare, events, etc.
  • Plan and forecast the admission in the upcoming academic years so that appropriate staffing and infrastructure development can be undertaken
  • Develop a congenial atmosphere so that it ultimately leads to students’ development and school welfare
  • Work effortlessly towards achieving the short term and long term goals of the school


Chosen as the best performing personnel in the school for all my development initiatives and collaboration efforts

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