Technical Administrator CV

Technical Administrator is required to manage various technical tasks of the company. He needs to ensure that the staff members are given proper technical assistance at all times. Technical Administrator CV must include details about the educational qualification and work experience of the candidate. You may refer to the sample technical administrator CV given below to know what all should be included in it.

Sample Technical Administrator CV

Cheryl Brown

22- A Sunshine Apartments, Channel Road, Austin, Texas

Career Objective

My objective is to ensure that the clients are given proper technical support and assistance and reach a good position in the company.


I hold a degree in Information Technology and also an experience of 8 years working in the technical field. I have served 2 different organizations.

Personal Details

Contact Number: 4365231245

Date of Birth: 8th Jan, 1982

Languages Known: English (Read, Write, Speak); German (Read, Write, Speak)

Marital Status: Married

Email id:

Educational Qualification

  • Pursued High School Diploma from Spring Field High School in the year 1998
  • Pursued Bachelor’s in Information Technology from Hampton University in the year 2001
  • Presently Pursuing an Executive MBA degree from the UY University

Work Experience

Presently working as a Senior Technical Executive with Net Solutions Ltd. Joined the organization in Sept 2008

Key duties handled at this position:

  • Providing technical assistance to the clients
  • Resolving the technical issues being faced by the clients
  • Getting to the root cause of the issues and ensuring that the same problem does not occur agai

Prior to this, I was working at WST Pvt. Ltd. where I worked as a technical assistant. I joined this company in July 2002 and worked here until August 2008

Key duties handled at this position:

  • Installing and maintaining various electronic equipments
  • Troubleshooting any issues occurring in the electronic equipments
  • Be there at every beck and call of the clients to provide them support


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