Advertising Account Planner CV

An advertising account planner is a person whose job is to plan and create effective ad campaigns for a variety of products. The advertising account planner CV is a document that must contain all the details of the skills and qualifications of the applicant. The following is an example that might help in case you are looking for the right CV.

Sample Advertising account planner CV:

Personal details:
Matthew Adams

23-GH, Main street road

Nathan Park, London

Mobile number: 46938479867

Qualifications and skills:

  • Completed graduation in business administration from London University in the year 2000
  • Diploma course in handling planning and operations from University of Warwick in the year 2004
  • Pursued a program spanning 6 months from Creative units, London.

Skills and areas of expertise:

  • Command over English, French and general mathematics.
  • Capable of taking extra workload and devoting long hours for work.
  • Expertise in creativity and innovative ideas which can reach out to the maximum number of people.

Aims and objectives:

  • To be able to live up to the duties and responsibilities given by the company in a timely manner.
  • To work in such a way that the ideas provided and work done is unique and not copied.
  • To be able to be recognised for the work done and be an inspiration for others.

Past experiences

  • Worked as an advertising account planner for Add Guru Company for 15 months.
  • Pursued a special training program for a TV channel wherein I was awarded a title of the person with the most unique ideas.

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