Advertising Art director CV

An advertising art director is a person who works for any art field like music, television, cinema or advertising as the director. This job requires special skills and qualifications which form the eligibility criteria for the recruiting of then applicant. The CV of an applicant must clearly give details of the facts which make him the suitable choice for the job profile. The following is an example of an advertising Art director CV.

Sample Advertising Art director CV

Personal details

Henry Gates

40, Peking Street

Three downtown, London

Mobile number: 473894794900


Qualifications and academic details:

  • Pursued graduation in Arts and music from Reading university, UK
  • Pursued post graduation in specialisation in Art works from Reading university, UK
  • Got a diploma course in play direction from institute of Television, UK

Areas of expertise and interest:

  • Specialisation in managing and directing actors when it comes to television and plays.
  • Expertise in set coordination and direction of skits and street shows.
  • Special interest in direction of documentaries based on real facts and scientific importance.

Aims and objectives for the future:

  • To be recognised as a movie director as well as a play and television show director.
  • To achieve success for the work done and be an inspiration for other aspiring directors.
  • To start an institute for directors and actors.

Previous experiences:

  • Worked as assistant director on the project ‘faith and belief’.
  • Training under ‘Tim Radcliff’ who is well known director and actor for a period of 6 months.
  • Worked as a director for television series ‘To hell and back’ and directed street plays in 7 different cities.


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