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Advertising clerk and recorder jobs are highly competitive. There are no specific qualifications for an advertising clerk therefore people with diverse backgrounds can apply for these jobs. In order to obtain a job as an advertising clerk therefore, your resume should stand out. Showing creativity, the ability to follow instructions as well as work on your own volition and attention to detail will pique the employer’s interest.

Advertising Clerk CV Example

Bess Clarkson

234 Mine House Drive

42 Wisconsin

Washington State

Mobile No: +1 344 344 3

Telephone No: +1 89 988 009

Career Objective

Experienced advertising recorder seeking employment as an advertising clerk. The position should allow for the development and advancement of a career in advertisement recording and production. Willing to use experience in print media production and attention to detail for the improvement of productions.

Professional Experience

2005 – 2008: Advertising Clerk at Print Media Advertising


  • Recorded minutes in brainstorming meetings
  • Assisted in the writing of advertisements
  • Assisted in designing of advertisements
  • Prepared for brainstorming meetings
  • Recorded advertisements and programs from television and radio
  • Transcribed radio and television advertisements
  • Edited and cross checked written advertisements

Educational Background

2002 – 2005: Diploma in Information Technology- YMCA

2001 – 2002: Diploma in Media Studies- Media Tech Institute


  • Media Tech Institute’s Student body president
  • Head of the Print Media Achievers Club
  • Winner of the Achievements Award in Writing for Technical Institutes
  • Member of the International Achievements Awarding Scheme
  • Written and published more than 20 000 advertisements while working at Print Media Advertising.


Referees contacts can be made available if need arises.

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