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Advertising copywriter jobs are highly competitive. The job requires a high level of creativity. A copywriter needs to be able to reflect this creativity in their resume. In some cases a copywriter will play the role of a director. You will therefore have to show skills and attributes that display the ability to lead, organize and guide a team. Provided below is a creative sample curriculum vitae for an advertising copywriter.

Advertising Copywriter CV Example

Vincent Black

233 Cattle Drive

Bedfordshire, New Castle


Mobile No: +44 3934 3 34

Telephone Number: +44 34 33 34

Career Objective

Copywriter with five years experience working in the advertising industry seeking a position as an advertising copywriter. The position should allow for the application of innovative writing styles. Eager to apply skills in directing. The position should allow the transfer and development of directing skills obtained while working as a copywriter at an established media house.

Professional Experience

2002 – 2007: Advertising Copywriter at Established Media House


  • Wrote and edited storyboards for advertisements
  • Wrote and edited advertisement scripts
  • Assisted in directing during the production of advertisements
  • Edited filmed advertisements
  • Collected and compiled data from the field concerning the products and services to be advertised

Educational Background

2000 – 2002: Diploma in Media Studies- Media College

1999 – 2000: Certificate in Creative Writing- Media College


  • Team Leader of the Copywriting team at Established Media House for three consecutive years.
  • Member of the board of Creative Writing and Media Studies Scholarship fund for Media College
  • Winner of the Media College Creative Writing and Media Studies College Scholarship
  • Chairperson of the Creative Writing Club at the YMCA

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