Advertising Sales Agent CV

The primary job responsibility of an advertising sales agent is to generate revenue through selling ad space. It is hence important to provide information of your communication abilities, any past experience in the same industry, and job detail in your advertising sales agent CV. The CV should also highlight your career objective.

Sample Advertising Sales Agent CV

Monica Belluci

1200 Club View Drive #11S,

Los Angeles CA 90024

Contact: (310) 208-2690


Career Objective:

My career objective is to apply knowledge of marketing and sales in real environments to drive revenue, growth, and clients for the agency.

Educational Qualifications:

2007-2010: Bachelors in Marketing, S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management

Work Experience:

2010 – till date

Agency: BGP

Designation: Sales Agent

I joined BGP (Big Picture Group) in summer of 2010 and have been responsible for handling most of the sales requirements in their Los Angeles, California office.


  • I was given the key responsibility of developing clients for the agency and I have won 4 different accounts, which are US Open 2010 (Print), Necessary Roughness (Interactive), CBS (Broadcast), and Food Network (Interactive)
  • I have been responsible for creating client presentations using PowerPoint and am an important member of the presentation team
  • I have initiated the creation of the twin sales strategy for catering to print and TV clients
  • I have toured across the US with our creative and events team to ensure that client ad campaigns are well monitored and reaching the right audience


I was awarded the BGP “performer of the year” medal for drives sales in excess of $500,000 in 2010-2011.



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