Entry Level Advertising CV

The entry level advertising CV is used by those who have just passed out of college or university or an advertising school and are looking for an opportunity to begin their career in advertising. The advertising resume should include career objectives and educational qualifications and any experience in the industry will be a bonus.

Sample Entry Level Advertising CV

Naomi Sutherland

2391 Placid Way,

Ann Arbor MI 48105

Contact: (734) 761-9426

Email: naomi1984@gmail.com

Career Objective:

Seeking an opportunity to utilize my knowledge of advertising, marketing as well as ability to create innovative concepts that will help shape my career in the industry.

Educational Qualifications:

2009-2011: Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising from Ferris State University, Michigan

Work Experience:

10 March 2010 – 10 June 2010: An internship with Leo Burnett

Was a part of the team that created advertising campaigns for print and electronic media for a Chicago based deodorant brand called Mean Stinks. The target audience for this deodorant is students and generation y teenagers. My responsibility was to work with the creative team to design and develop the concept. I also worked with the accounts team to understand the client requirement and accordingly incorporate those requirements into the storyboard.


Graduated top of the class

My final year advertising project called “Drops of Silver” was ranked number one (#1)

Have created student and staff caricatures, which was featured in mlive.com; an online news portal for events from the State of Michigan.

Other Knowledge:

  • Well versed with computers
  • Knowledge of working with Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Imageready
  • I know painting, caricature, and can draw illustrations
  • Working knowledge of photography

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