Agricultural Marketing Manager CV

The job of an agricultural marketing manager deals with the smooth running of the agricultural unit or company by managing the demand and supply of agricultural products. He/she is devoted to selling, buying, market research and marketing of the products. The CV of an agricultural marketing manager aspirant should specify the skills and qualifications required to fit into the job. The following is a sample worth considering:

Sample agricultural marketing manager CV

Personal details

Adam Mathew

45-H, Main street road

Peter lane Park, London

Mobile number: 46938479867

Qualifications and academics:

  • Completed graduation in business management from London University in the year 2001.Scored 78% and topped all over the university.
  • Diploma course in management of agricultural products and services. Was awarded the best student award at the end of 12 months of the program.

Skills and areas of expertise:

  • Command over dealing with clients and employers equally efficiently.
  • Capable of taking extra workload and devoting long hours for work.
  • Special interest in selling or marketing through innovative ideas.

Aims and objectives:
To be able to live up to the duties and responsibilities given by the company in a timely manner .To work in such a manner that it sets an example for other employees and keeps the employers as well as clients alike.

Past experiences

  • Worked with Gill agricultural research during 2005-2007.
  • Held the position of assistant manager in the National agricultural unit where I was responsible for all the product undertakings.


Can be provided on request.



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