Agricultural Sales Manager CV

Agriculture Sales Manager is a person responsible for looking after and managing the sales of products and services in the agricultural department. Any applicant who wishes to apply for this position should be skilled enough to understand agriculture along with the required academic qualifications which shall make him suitable enough. The following is a sample to give an idea how an Agricultural sales manager’s CV should look like:

Sample agricultural sales manager CV

Personal details:

Peter Beckinsale

Mobile number: 5437904878094

Email address:

312-P, 7’Th floor, top building

Fred district, California


  • Schooling from Greg international, CA
  • Graduation from University of NY in the subject Business management. Scored 70%
  • Diploma course of 12 months from NYU in handling agricultural marketing.

Skills and expertise

  • Specialisation in convincing customers through in depth knowledge of agriculture.
  • Expertise in minute detailed work.
  • Expertise in sales of agricultural products by using innovative target customer techniques
  • Great command over language and communication skills.

List of past records

  • Worked as a junior manager in national agricultural unit of NY.
  • Worked as an assistant sales executive in services and products related to Agriculture
  • Training program undertaken under the manager in chief of nationwide for crops association.

Future goals

  • To be one of the finest and recognised sales manager all over NY.
  • Promote profit of the organisation by hard work and dedication.
  • Be an inspiration for other employees and bring out the best of my abilities.


Will be provided on request.

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