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The agricultural industry offers a lot of opportunities for anyone willing to invest and patient enough to reap the fruits of that investment. Apart from the obvious farming, there are several other careers within the field such as farm management, animal husbandry, horticulture, agronomists and botanists. All of these would benefit from a well prepared Agriculture resume. Please see the agriculture curriculum vitae sample below.

Agriculture CV Example, Format

Victor House

234 Kent Street

Kent, England

Mobile No: +44 343 5457

Telephone No: +44 998 0788

Career Objective

Experienced farm manager with excellent communication and leadership skills Eager to apply farming techniques learned over working period. Willing to use analytical and organizational skills for the growth of the farm. The opportunity should allow for the application of innovative farming and animal husbandry methods.

Professional Experience

2005 – 2008: Farm Manager at the Willow Tree Farm


  • Oversaw the acquisition of farm implements
  • Distributed farm implements to different parts of the farm
  • Kept and updated farm records
  • Delegated tasks to farm hands
  • Oversaw the employment of farm hands
  • Kept records of farm inputs
  • Recorded farm progress and reported this to the farm owner
  • Distributed excess farm produce to farm hands

2000 – 2005: Farm Hand at the Willow Tree Farm


  • Planted and harvested farm produce
  • Maintained farm implements
  • Groomed and cared for animals

Educational Background

2001 – 2005: BA Farm Management- Willow Oak Agricultural College


  • Chairperson of the Farming Unit at Willow Oak Agricultural College
  • Member of the Willow Oak Agricultural College Scholars Board
  • Winner of the prestigious Willow Oak Agricultural College Scholarship




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