Agriculture Researcher CV

An agriculture researcher is a person who specialises in research work and advanced studying of agricultural related products and techniques. Everybody cannot become an agriculture researcher as this field requires special knowledge in the field accompanied with certain eligibility criteria. The CV of an agriculture researcher should speak on his behalf about the qualities that make him better than other applicants. The following sample shall help give a clear idea.

Sample agriculture researcher CV

Name: George Gates

34-U, first building, Yen block, LA


Academic details

  • Graduate in earth sciences. Graduation pursued from Georgia tech university, Georgia. Total aggregate was 78%
  • Post graduate in agricultural research.PG degree obtained through correspondence from Georgia University. Total aggregate of 67% attained.
  • Diploma course done from Henry agriculture institute which spanned from Jan 2007 to Jan 2008.

Skills and abilities

  • Skilled in yielding high quality crops by self devised innovative methodology.
  • Proper knowledge in animal farming and breeding.
  • Ability to talk to and convince banks for agricultural projects.

Qualifications and work parameters

  • Administer the use and order of crops, chemical and fertilizers.
  • Evaluate daily reports on areas such as seeding and erosion control.
  • Verifying and confirming all seeds and plant materials used for landscaping.

Previous experiences

  • Worked as a mediator with the soil conversation society for a period of 12 months where I was awarded with a title of best talent.
  • Worked as junior assistant manager for 6 months with LA fertilisation unit.


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