Biologist CV

A biologist is a scientist who studies life forms and then experiments and researches so as to produce results in Biology. His job is to study organisms and then try to understand their relationship with the environment. The CV of a biologist should consist of points such as academic details, skills and qualifications that make him eligible for the job. This job profile needs a specific educational background. The following is a sample of a Biologist CV.

Sample Biologist CV

Paul Daniel

Age: 30 years

45-I, Boris street, north square, NY



  • Graduation pursued in Biology from Institute of NY, NYU.
  • Post graduation pursued in nature and biology from institute of advanced studies, NYU.
  • PHD is Biology pursued form NYU.
  • Diploma course work done and report produced on the topic ‘Man and nature’ which was highly acclaimed throughout the network of biologists residing in NY.

Skills and forte

  • Specialisation in studying humans and the nature aspects.
  • Can work for long hours which are devoted to research work and analysis of samples.
  • Expertise in finding cures for different diseases by natural methods which are found in the nature.

Future goals

  • To work in a non profit organisation like yours which shall bring out the best in me.
  • To extract and use the skills acquired over a period of time in a manner that brings profit to the mankind
  • To be known and recognised for the hard work and dedication put in.

Previous experiences

Worked with NYU institute of biological sciences for 6 years.

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