Dairy Manager CV

A dairy manager is accountable for the economic health of the dairy corporation, and for generating means to maintain the business. He should be able to care for farm animals as well as have the ability to work with co workers .The CV for a dairy manager must contain detailed information regarding past achievements as well as career objectives along with educational qualification of the person.

Sample Dairy Manager CV

Ross Geller

32 New Jersey Road

New Jersey


Phone Number- 9888675432

Email- rossgeller@yahoo.co.in

Career objective

To plan, expand, and put into practice policies, actions, and practices for the proper functioning of a dairy farm to guarantee compliance with the company’s standards.

Educational Qualifications

I have studied Bachelor of Science from Texas University and Diploma of dairy farming from New York State University.

Professional background

I was a dairy manager for 3 years in New Dairy farm, Texas. I had worked in Mary’s Dairy in New York, as a senior buyer for 5 years from 2002 to 2007.

Career skills

I have managed dairy animals, like breeding, feeding and milking and sustaining of health situations of the animals. I have also sustained milk produce as well as properly utilized their genetic capability. In the past I have increased dealer loyalty by constantly developing purchaser training update and stocked as well as shelved dairy products.

Awards acquired

I have won several awards such as

  • Winner of the golden stork award 2002 for best service
  • Winner of silver dairy award 2008 for excellent service
  • Rotary award for care of animals 2008

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