Ecologist CV

An ecologist is a person who is skilled and qualified enough to study the environment and the actions that affect it. This is a kind of a job which cannot be done just by any person and needs special knowledge in the field. An ecologist’s CV is a document that is aimed at convincing the employer of the factors which make the applicant a perfect choice for the job. The following is an example of an Ecologist’s CV.

Sample Ecologist CV

Personal details

Name: Tim Nathan

Age: 32 years

Mobile number: 473894734094

Address: 346-g, hill road, LA

Career motive

  • To use my statistical and scientific knowledge as a resource which helps to complete tasks given.
  • To end being an environmentalist within 10 years.
  • To spread the environmental conservation knowledge among common people by organising seminars and conferences all over the world.

Academic report

  • Graduate in Environmental studies from University of Bath, UK. Scored 67% aggregate over 3 years.
  • Post graduate in advanced environmental studies from University of Warwick, UK. Scored 78% aggregate over 2 years.
  • Diploma course in conservation of the environment which spanned for a period of 6 months.

Areas of interest

  • To study climatic changes and their affects on the environment with in depth knowledge of the subject and specialisation.
  • Expertise in the negative effect of chemical pesticides.

Previous work report

Worked as an assistant ecologist with the ‘Environment Issues’ magazine where I achieved high acclaims and recognition. Also worked on the cancer issue in the year 2006 with “Health for All “NGO which was an attempt at spreading knowledge.

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