Greens Keeper CV

A greenskeeper is that person whose job is to maintain a golf course or any country club. His work includes tasks like fertilizing, irrigation, mowing the land, arranging for play etc…A greenskeeper is a skilled worker who must have in-depth knowledge relating to maintaining the greens. Hence his CV should be one which talks about his skills that make him an apt choice for the job. The following is a sample of Greenskeeper CV.

Sample greens keeper CV

Name: Hedley Mark

Number: 547439849000

Email address:

Residential address: 56-H, net district, LA

Relevant academic details:

  • Graduate in geology from University of LA.
  • Diploma in land sciences from Charlie institute of earth sciences, A for 12 months.

Expertise and areas of interest

  • Superior knowledge in maintaining golf courses.
  • Flexibility in adapting the techniques according to the climatic changes.
  • Expertise in measuring speed of golf greens.
  • Maintaining healthy turf by aerating, top dressing, rolling and verticutting.
  • Capable of working overtime.

Previous experiences

  • Worked at Golf links club for 2 years as a supervisor under the golf course superintendent.
  • Prepared ground on which international gold matches were played.
  • Received special recognition from mayor of the state of LA for devotion towards work and preparing excellent ground during gold tournament in 2005.


To be able to live up to the international standards in maintaining greens and to be recognised and praised for the hard work put in. To get placed at an organisation like yours where I shall try and bring out the best of my abilities.

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