Horticulturist CV

Horticulturists mainly concentrate on the study of flora and the types of climate and soil they grow in and various other types of care they demand. They are responsible for breeding, storing, processing plants and plant products and derivatives. They may also prepare lecture material in the horticulture sector for educational and training purposes.

Sample Horticulturist CV

Amy Thompson,

43, Main Court Road,

Seattle, WA 98455-156032

Mobile: +32 78365 56339

Telephone: 025 5567 9982

Fax: 026 4958 4496

Email Address: amythompson@gmail.com

Objective: I am hunting for a job that is both demanding and challenging and lets me utilize my practical skills to mature into a renowned name as a horticulturist.

Educational Qualification:

  • Completed schooling from Don Bosco High School in Washington in 2002
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Botany from University of Washington in 2005
  • Master of Science degree in Horticulture with specialization in Plant Tissue Culture from University of Washington in 2007

Summary of Professional Experience

  • Working in Washington Horticultural Gardens from 2007 till date

Special Skills:

  • Experienced and expert in cultivation of plants and their propagation.
  • Well adept in applying techniques such as seeding, cutting the branches, layering and following it up with budding, making grafts for propagation etc.
  • Specialized in plant tissue culture and utilized it to make multiple copies of some exotic flowering plants
  • Specialist landscape designing and maintenance


  • Management of contractors, equipment and staff
  • Organization of tree planting programs along with the co-operation of local authorities
  • Prescribing fungicide, herbicide, pesticides and fertilizers to farmers

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