Irrigation Design Engineer CV

The job of an irrigation design engineer involves a lot of work both indoors and outdoors. Studying, gauging and evaluating the terrain and then designing an irrigation system that would be the most suitable is mainly the responsibility of irrigation design engineer.

Sample Irrigation Design Engineer CV

Charlie Brown,

43, HIDCO Road,

Fairfax, VA 98455-156032

Mobile: +32 78365 56339

Telephone: 025 5567 9982

Fax: 026 4958 4496

Email Address:

Objective: I am willing to join a stable company as an irrigation design engineer where it would shape up my work culture and I would in turn help it realize its goals.

Educational Qualification:

  • 2004- Passed out of Winchester High School in Fairfax
  • 2004-2008- Bachelor of Engineer with specialization in agriculture from George Mason University

Summary of Professional Experience:

  • 2008- present – holding a position as assistant irrigation design engineer in IDE Company Private Limited

Special Skills:

  • Open to work in rural areas
  • Laudable communication skills and knowledge of local languages along with English facilitates working in accordance with the local group of people
  • Proficient in handling statistical data and business mathematics
  • Skilled in Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Profound knowledge of water requirements of the different types of terrain


  • To produce the desirable and suitable results in an area by studying the landscape, understanding it and then designing and developing a reasonably economical irrigation system
  • Interpreting aerial photographs to facilitate the conservation of soil and water of a particular area
  • Troubleshooting during installation or use of the irrigation system

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