Credit Analyst CV

A credit analyst analyzes client’s monetary history to award loan. He also analyzes the repaying behaviour of clients who do not pay bills properly and takes necessary action. Such a CV must have details regarding qualifications as well as job description with the special career skills of the person in question.

Sample Credit Analyst CV

Ross Geller

32 New York Road

New York


Phone Number- 9987654323


Educational qualifications

I have done my bachelor of science in finance from Texas College in 1998 as well as my master of business administration in finance from New York University in 2000.

I also have a special degree of computer skills in JAVA from Sun Microsystems.

Work experience

  • I was a credit manger in American bank from 2000 to 2006. I had a knack for keeping bad debts to one twelfth percent, attain or exceed organization goals for maintaining active collection role with main accounts. I had a friendly relation with all co workers.
  • I was also a credit analyst in USA Travels from 2006 onwards and received online credit forms for auto loan from websites and a variety of partners.
  • I have also analyzed a user’s financial position, credit and possession evaluation to resolve feasibility of conceding loan request.

Career skills

In the past I have

  • Handled, directed, and managed all actions to implement corporation policies, procedures, and methods regarding underwriting, applications, and conceding or extending loans.
  • Prepared monetary and interior reports as necessary.
  • Maintained acceptable trader relations with all suitable dealers within division.

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