Equity Analyst CV

An equity analyst has to research and analyse various brokerage firms who are involved in equity and security investment markets. This job is much of analysis and research and one has to be aware of the current stock markets and the situation in it. Equity analysts are also responsible for providing traders, sales staff and the customers with vital information. An equity analyst CV should reflect the candidate’s knowledge

Sample for equity analyst CV

Greta Wilson

56,North Forkin Street, Bedford-3411895 USA

Telephone : 00656- 4492741077

Email- gretawilson@gmail.com


Career Objective-

My career objective is to seek a job with a reputed firm as an equity analyst and to successfully impart vital information to the required customers and traders so as to ensure a successful deal with them.


I have done my B Com from Texas University and Master of business administration from New York University.


Work experience

  • I was an equity analyst from 2000 to 2007 for XYZ Firm and had developed electronic record of current and past acquisitions.  This database lessened response and inquiry time to almost15%.
  • I was also an equity analyst in Major Finances in New York from 2006 and had directly researched the market effect of mergers, attainment, and special circumstances to foresee regulatory dealing. I also examined business domination and other strange event structures.

Career skills

I can build and maintain financial models, gather market aptitude on a variety of industries and sectors, conduct shop visits, make phone calls to clients, competitors and corporation management, and attend depositor conferences.

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