Intelligence Analyst CV

An intelligence analyst CV is a resume of an individual working or applying for work in the field of defense or military and should know how to counter terrorism. The resume should mention details about the person’s ISR skills (if any) or experience in the defense field to come in notice of the recruiter.

Sample Intelligence Analyst CV:

Sam Wayne

2345 Janet Street, Windsor.

Los Angeles 2312.

Residential contact number: 12345678

Mobile number: +1-4456789123

Email id:

Career objective:

  • To contribute to development of analytic procedures for the special intelligence services and surveillance.
  • To work as a team in the best interest of the military services and meet the requirements of intelligence services for the security of the country and the civilians.

Work Experience

  • I have worked for ten years with the defense force of United States of America in the designation of an Intelligence Analyst.

Job responsibility: Analyze primarily and identify any threats to the assets of the country by protecting the interest of both the country and its citizens at home and also in overseas.

  • I have worked as a mission supervisor for the English army for a period of two years.

Job responsibility: I had to overlook the mission of the English army to eradicate terrorists from the French province. I had to analyze and provide supervisory instructions to my team and also plan for daily attack plans on the terrorists.

Educational qualification

  • Graduation in defense analytics in the year 1990 from the defense academy of USA.


  • Honored by the American army in the year 2005.


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