Investment Analyst CV

An investment analyst CV is the work profile of a person working or seeking to work in the field of investment banking or any other investment that gives return. The resume should mention about the extent of the person’s knowledge in stocks and shares as he has to advise stock brokers and fund managers to make decisions.


Sample Investment Analyst CV:

Personal details

Name: Sam Rockwell

Address: 5678 George Clooney Street. New York. New Jersey 4562.

Contact number:  44 558 98123

Mobile number: 44 558 98124

Email id:

Career objective

  • To analyze and study the stock market and the in detail to advice correctly on the daily changing share prices.
  • To make sure that the clients do not lose their money on their investments and get good returns which will encourage investing more.

Educational Qualification

  • Masters in finance and investment from the University of Los Angeles in the year 2005
  • Bachelor in business administration from the New Jersey Business School in the year 2003.

Professional Experience:

  • Worked in the designation of Investment Analyst in New York Investment Corporation from the year 2007 to 2010 where my job profile was to read the stock market daily and predict future share prices of blue chip companies.
  • Worked as investment advisor in Los Angeles Shares and Trading Limited from the year 2006 to 2007 where my job profile was to advise the fund managers and the stock brokers about the daily changing stock prices and to sketch out an investment plan.

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