Sales Analyst CV

A sales analyst is a person who analyses the sales prospect of a company so that business plans can be taken to increase sales and bring profit for the company. The CV for the post of a sales analyst should have details about the person’s salesman skills and should mention the person’s work experience in the field of sales.

Sample Sales Analyst CV:

Name: George Michael

Father’s name: John Michael

Date of birth: 25th of December 1982

Permanent address: 123 James Street, New York, New Jersey 234.

Residential Contact Number: 44 558 98134

Mobile number: 44 558 98123

Email id:

Linguistic: English, French and Spanish

Career Objective:

To work as a sales analyst in a reputed company where there is growth in the industry at a fast pace and also to achieve sales target in minimum possible time to get maximum profit.

Work Experience:


Working in the position of a sales analyst in” ABC Company” since the year 2006 till present.

The job role includes:

Producing productivity reports to keep a track of the daily, weekly and month sales margin. Controlling the discount process and also assuring that increase in sales takes place to check the effect of the discount process. Comparing the previous year’s performance with current year and preparing sales targets. Maintain daily reports on product information. Analyzing trends of sale and data regarding market share to suggest corrective action and also prepare an analysis of the results. Attending meetings of the sales manager. Control the pricing and checking its effect on sales.


Masters in Business Administration from London Business school in the year 2005.

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