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Preparing an actor CV can be very exciting. The process requires a lot of creativity. Before you start the compilation of the CV find out about your intended role and the production company. It is important to know what skills and attributes the directors and producers will be looking for in the applicants for that specific role. You can then demonstrate these skills and attributes in your CV.   

Remember that there are probably hundreds of applicants for every role. You should therefore try as much as possible to match your acting skills and personal attributes to the character you desire to play. Try and show the recruiters that you are easy to work with by mentioning that you have worked on several productions successfully.   

Sample Actor CV 

Jessica Peterson 

21A Crescent Road, Canterbury CT2 5JZ 

Phone: (01227) 346987 

Mobile: 07861 152 349 



Vincent Trollop 

Personnel Management 

125 Ward our Street, London W3 4PU 

(01234) 456 458 

Spotlight number: 4567 

Equity number: M4222 26476 

Height: 6’5” Build: Slim Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown 

Accents: UK South East RP, Geordie, London. 

Role Playing Ages: 10 years to 29 years 

Height: 6’1″ Build: slim Hair: Brown Eyes: Green 

Accents: UK South East RP, Geordie, London, Standard American, French, 

Role Playing Ages: 17- 24


  • Can speak both Spanish and French fluently
  • Robot Dancer
  • Ballet dancer
  • Accapella performer
  • Horse riding
  • Skiing
  • Scuba diving
  • Good programming skills
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Music skills include playing a variety of musical instruments (Guitar, Piano).
  • Travelling
  • Sky diving
  • Singing

 Educational Background 

2007 to 2008 

School: Mountain View 

2004 to 2006 

University: University of Kent 

Award: BA (Hons) Drama 2.0 



Year: 2007 

Type: Play 

Role: Father Christmas 

Production: Gifts of the day 

Company: Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury 

Director: Tommie Lee 

Year: 2005 

Type: Play 

Role: The Little Unanimous 

Production: The Little Things in Life 

Company: Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury 

Director: Tom Davidson 

TV and Film 

Year: 2004 

Type: Drama 

Role: Emergency Room Doctor 

Production: ER Production 

Company: New Line Series 

Director: Ritchie Baker 

Year: 2004 

Type: Drama 

Role played: Playing the role of Romeo in the movie Romeo and Juliet 

Also played the role of an extra in Romeo and Juliet 

Production: Movie was produced by Marlowe Theater in New Hampshire 

Year: 2004 

Type: Drama 

Production: play 

Company: Warner Bros 

Directors: Smith Adrian, Roland Renolds 

Role played: played the role of Dino which is a show ideal for children under the age of 13.  


      • Won the actor of the year award in 2004
      • Won the best supporting actor in the year 2004
      • Won the best supporting actor award for the movie Romeo and Juliet in the year 2004
      • Received an Oscar in Hollywood USA for the movie Romeo and Juliet
      • Led the movie Romeo and Juliet to receive the best romantic movie of the year award in 2004
      • Received a scholarship to Berkeley school of arts
      • Currently working on a play that will present the effects of Melanoma problems to the world
      • Was elected as president for actors guild award organization in the United States
      • Was awarded as best upcoming producer in the year 2005

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