Animator CV

An animator is a person who works on work related to animation in the field of films, television, internet and video games. This job requires special skills and certain specific qualifications without which one cannot be an animator. Thus an animator’s CV should give details of the course work pursued by the applicant and his skills in the animation field. The following is an example of an Animator CV.

Sample animator CV

Personal details:

Jessica Pitt

Mobile number: 5437904878094

Email address:

312-P, third floor, Kelly district



  • Schooling from St. Joseph’s international, CA
  • Graduation from University of NY in the subjects relating to business administration.
  • Diploma course of 12 months in animation from Arena institute of Art and animation, CA.
  • Advanced animation course for 8 months from Arena animation institute, CA.

Skills and expertise

  • Specialisation in cartoon animation used for making cartoon TV series and cartoon movies.
  • Expertise in minute details enhancements.
  • Expertise in motion pictures and art of story telling

List of past records

  • Worked as a junior animation expert with Brad film institute.
  • Worked as a trainer in Major animation academy for 8 months where students were taught latest animation techniques.
  • Worked on the popular cartoon series ‘Henna and Martin’ for a period of 12 months.

Future goals

To be one of the finest and recognised animation artists in CA and earn a name and reputation of being a skilful worker.

To open an academy for training of budding animation artists.

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