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Layout Artist CV Art CVs are diverse. There are many different jobs in the art industry. There are the actual artists and managers of the artists. There are also art jobs in art museums, galleries and exhibitions. You can be an organizer or a guide in any of these institutions. Employers look for specific qualities in their recruits in each area.

In all areas of the industry however, your CV must reflect a creative mind. You can demonstrate this by your previous work experience in the industry or activities you were involved in that required innovation. The layout of your CV though professional should be creative and reflect your character and style.

Sample Art CV

Lauren Mackenzie

43 Drives, Flamingo Estate

Wisconsin, Washington

Telephone No: 123 456 778

Mobile No: 123 445 675


Career Objective:

Former Fine Art Museum Curator and Artist seeking position as a Fine Arts lecturer in an institution that would provide the opportunity for further study and advancement in the field of Fine Arts. The position should allow the application of fine art skills gained over ten yeas of practical experience as a commercial artist in the field. The position should also allow the application of communication and observation skills in the transmission of knowledge gained as a Fine Arts Curator.

Educational Background:

MSc Anthropology Washington University 1999 – 2001

BA in Fine Arts Washington State University   1994 – 1998

Professional Experience:

2001 – 2008:  Museum Curator at the Wisconsin Museum of Fine Arts


  • Seek and obtain fine art pieces from both historically famous and modern artists
  • Ensure that art pieces are original
  • Supervise the display of art pieces in the museum
  • Supervise the maintenance and restoration of historically famous fine art pieces
  • Organize fine art workshops for artists and managers of artists
  • Organize educational workshops for museum staff
  • Carry out extensive research on the art pieces in the museum and the artists behind them, both historical and modern
  • Publish and supervise the publication of research papers on Fine Art carried out in the museum
  • Ensure that the museum library section is up to date

1998 – 2001   Freelance fine artist


  • Published four papers on the comparison of various modern and historical artists
  • Sold twenty pieces as a freelance artist: five sculptures and fifteen landscape, portrait and abstract paintings
  • Member of the Wisconsin Artists’ Association
  • Winner of the Fine Arts Washington State University Scholarship for undergraduate study

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