Ceramics Designer CV

A ceramic designer is a person who specialises or has expertise in making designs on ceramic. This job can include designing on ceramic cups, vase, knives etc…The CV of a ceramic designer must include of points which shows his ability and qualifications required for the given job profile of a ceramic designer. The example given might help to understand better:

Sample Ceramics Designer CV Sample:

John Mayor

34-T, first floor

Hill Street, London

Mobile number: 473894788980

Email: Mayorjohn@gmail.com

Career objective:

To work as a ceramic designer in a company that makes use of the actually potential and gives space and independence to use creativity to the best of ability. To be known and recognised for the hard work and skills throughout life. To end up owning a ceramic design company by own investment and hard work.

Areas of expertise:

  • Specialisation in designing vases and ceramic crockery.
  • Expertise in minute designs influenced from 18’Th century art works found in art museums.



  • Pursued a graduation degree in art from James Art College in London
  • Pursued a special course which was concerned with miniature forms of ceramic designs.
  • Won best ceramics designer award from the art federation of the state.
  • Recognised by the institute of material designers and presented with a special scholarship and training programme with London school of Arts.

Past experience report:

  • Worked as a junior designer for Ceramics labs in Germany for a period of 12 months.
  • Worked for Greg Home products as a ceramic designer for 24 months and got awarded for the best employee in the designing department.


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