Corporate Photographer CV

Photographers, who work for the commercial or business world, are often termed as corporate photographer. They should also have undergone training in photography alongside other qualifications to be eligible and also a desirable candidate for this job. Thus, the person’s CV should accentuate the qualities that make him a commendable photographer.

Sample Corporate Photographer CV

Felicia Felixis,

15, Eccleston Square,

Newtown- B18 65J

Mobile: +12 49585 42409

Telephone: 056 3473 4456

Fax: 057 2335 5298

Email Address:

Objective: I have strong desire to make considerable contribution to the world of photography and become a recognized corporate photographer in the country with honest efforts.

Educational Qualification:

  • 1993- 2003- Finished schooling from Lire’s Micmac High School
  • 2003- 2005- Acquired a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.
  • 2005- 2007- undertook a course in photography at the school of photography British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP)

Professional Experience:

2007- 2009- Worked with ‘ABC Group of Industries’ and helped the conceptualisation of their promotional advertisements.

  • 2009- present- Currently working with ‘Warmheart Studios’ which specialize in photography contracts with various multinational brands.


  • Working in accordance to marketing staff and public relations department to understand the requirements and desires of the brand.
  • Exhibiting creativity to create unique business promotional that increase its brand value
  • Ability to capture people, their habits and habitats, places and anything the consumers or target audience would prefer or really appreciate
  • A member of the Association of Photographers (AOP)

References: Samuel Chekovsky, a renowned photographer in the business world. Further references are available on request.

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